Westroads Mall

Address: 10000 California St
Phone: (402) 397-2398
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Category: Mall
Check Ins: 33576


  • Amy B.

    Park on the north side...more parking available and you don't have to walk through the food court and get stared at by the people watchers.
  • Kevin McGree

    If you ever had wondered what the gates of hell looked like, you are there. holiday shopping.
  • Lauren Miller

    Don't come here on the weekends..teens everywhere!
  • Chris Lynch

    much better then oakview mall in my book
  • Tony Hartzell

    Free indoor playground! (And the kids love it too) ;)
  • Katbron

    Nails and Spa and Von Maur - two favorites - a new favorite spot - Teavana!
  • Chris Foltz

    Only playground I've been to where security kicks out the big kids. Safe for the younger ones.
  • Andrea Cortes

    Don't come to the mall on your days off during holiday season
  • Zach Harris

    Omg I hate coming here during Christmas time
  • Chris Lynch

    nice 3 level indoor mall well, the 2 levels are stores and the lower level is an arcade called tilt. I prefer it more then Oakview Mall but, that is just me though. alot more city buses stop there.
  • Marc Cubrich

    Justin Bieber thinks it's incredible.
  • KaiXi Zhang

    Join the Victoria's Secret PINK email club...I always get coupons for free undies!
  • Kelli Coash Ahlman

    Taco bell is good
  • Chris Lynch

    one of the better malls, love the game palce downstairs
  • Krista Baker

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  • Chelsea Alana

    Did you know there is a Flying Worm in the mall! Could shop with me!
  • Miles Jordan

    If you got to Westroads and DON'T eat an Auntie Anne's pretzel, you're doing it wrong.
  • Kori

    Go stop by Teavana. They have great service, and they are the perfect stop for my husband and son. My little guy was giving out samples. You can't go wrong!
  • Rachel Heeren

    Hate this mall, your forced to walk to the middle to ride the elevator because strollers aren't allowed on the escalators and they don't update the directory so you wonder all over
  • Hector Murillo

    The Coke isFire!!!
  • Tara Thelen

    Bring back the arcade. Forever 15!
  • Dominic Xavier

    The real mall of Omaha.
  • Joel

    Great ambiance crowd is behaving well.
  • Mg Arnold

    JCPenney has the rudest employees EVER.
  • Tracy C.

    Mediocre service at UA nails, good sales at forever 21, someone got chased down by 5 security guards. Sketchy.
  • Donna Sloan

    Gyro place in the food court is really good. Do yourself favor and get the soup:)
  • Michelle S

    Love the kids shows by Omaha Children's museum, every 1st Wed of the month!
  • Alexandra Bohnet

    More parking by Penny's/Dick's