Nebraska Furniture Mart

Address: 700 S 72nd St
Phone: (402) 397-6100
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Category: Furniture / Home Store
Check Ins: 19438


  • Sony

    Stop by this Sat 5/25 10am- 12pm to see Sony experts demonstrate Sony 4K Technology + enter to win great prizes like Sony gadgets (including an HDTV!), movie tickets, t-shirts, and more!
  • Amy B.

    Best place for good-priced DVDs and a good selection.
  • Mike Houston

    Something for everyone in this store. Pretty good deals too!
  • It's me Jenny

    When paying on your charge is the reason your there stop by the recliner section and test the massage chair you will never miss a payment and even find your self paying early the chairs are awsome !!!
  • Chris Lynch

    the sales people are trained very well. The area that you can get your PC fixed those people know what there doing for sure.
  • Randy Teer

    This place is evil, leave money and credit cards at home!
  • Catherine E.

    Check out the Apple store inside! :)
  • Joseph Brady

    Best computer selection in town
  • Al San Miguel

    Subway now Open
  • Mel P.

    Great place to work. Friendly staff members and great discounts. U need it nfm has it.
  • Jen Huynh

    Tell them you're paying in cash for large purchases and they might give you a discount! Got $15 off for purchasing a mattress!
  • Clara Arnsdorff

    No wireless. Why ????
  • Hector Murillo

    The coke, is fire!!!
  • Cari M

    NFM will accept price digital price matches but you have to have a sales person ring it up before you go to a register.
  • J.j. Loneman

    It's basically a Las Vegas strip here with myriad flashing lights, TV announcements, and salespeople asking if you need help every 30 seconds.
  • Lucas Soto

    Work here I get some pretty kick ass discounts
  • Chris Lynch

    don't charge to much lol
  • Allen The Balloon Man

    I got a nice dresser in their clearance area, Very good price.
  • schaft

    Don't expect quick service in the cell phone section. 20+ minute wait with employees who weren't helping other customers.
  • Dale Schwalm

    Cox Cable has a counter here. Open on Sunday- very convenient.
  • Luke Shepherd

    Customer service here is the best.
  • Carol Craig

    Great place to buy appliances
  • Chris Lynch

    there computer software titles are a bit lacking