CenturyLink Center Omaha

Address: 455 N 10th St
Phone: (402) 997-9378
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Category: Convention Center
Check Ins: 24531


  • Brian Norton

    Cheer on the Creighton Bluejays.
  • ESPN

    Just a mere freshman back then, Jacob Pullen alongside Diaper Dandy, Michael Beasley, helped lead KState past the 6 seed USC Trojans in the first round of the 2008 tourney.
  • Amanda Pierce

    Bring your cowbell & cheer on the UNO Mavericks hockey team!
  • Steph Mueller

    Home of the Bluejays.
  • Quality Brands

    Budweiser, Goose Island 312, or a Spaten Optimator? So many great choices!
  • Izzy Graves

    GO MAVS!! UNO Mavericks! If you gotta see a loud hockey game, see one here!
  • Brent Pohlman

    Just got home from a UNO Hockey game. The Qwest is a great place to see a game.
  • National Post

    Hey buddy, leave them rock stars alone! How one riotous fan at a 1977 Montreal show helped inspire Roger Waters to write Pink Floyds classic album The Wall. Oct. 26. More at the link:
  • Vernon J

    When watching a UNO hockey game, use #OMavsHockey
  • Ben Nelson

    Great Nebraska venue. Enjoy a UNO Maverick hockey game, Creighton basketball game, River City Roundup, live concert, convention and more in one great place.
  • Big Omaha Tickets

    The CenturyLink Center is a fantastic place to catch a major headliner or sporting events such as Creighton Basketball, UNO Hockey, Olympic Swim Trials, and more.
  • Clem Crazythunder

    Saw many awesome acts here. Coldplay, etc.
  • Mike Donner

    Go Jays!!!
  • Joseph Sullivan

    Wash your hands. For your health!
  • Justine Davis

    Go Jays!!!!
  • Universal Sports

    Welcome to the site of the 2008 Olympic Swimming Trials. The place where Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps competed in one of the closest 400 IM's in recent memory. Come watch them compete on Universal S
  • Vince Garcia

    Decent concert venue. Just wish it didn't take 4 hours to get to!
  • Greg Jackson

    Garlic Parmesan Fries are the ish
  • Mattie

    Thank god it has AC
  • Joseph Thvedt

    Gyros. You won't be sorry.
  • Rob Wiebusch

    Take the stairs. You'll feel better and you can spend five less minutes in the gym today.
  • Randy Eshelman

    No beer in the arena :-( darn NCAA
  • Alicia

    Go Mavs!!!
  • John Jelinek

    what a great game! go jays!
  • Nolan Carson

    Wifi worked great when Verizon signal was hammered on my cell phone.
  • Peter Olesen Lund

    Check out the many statues; traditional, modern, and abstract situated around the expansive entry plaza.
  • Paul Kardous

    Coldest canned drinks anywhere.
  • Steve Grubish

    Great venue to see any event. Good food and drink selections
  • Mike F.

    $8 to park. What a fucking ripoff.
  • Tyler Sells

    Parking is a pain. Park farther away for a better price. Walking is good.
  • Joe Frost

    Great place for father-daughter events.
  • Dominic Xavier

    Catch a creighton men's basketball game!
  • Kim Craig

    Check out the pool
  • Mike Schurmann

    10th & Jackson
  • Wendie

    GO Gophers!!!!!
  • Union Pacific Jobs

    Go Bluejays!
  • Monica Albers

    Styling in the suites.
  • Olivia W

    YEA BLUEJAYS!!! by the way get a soft pretzel so good!
  • Timothy Schwier

    Go panthers!
  • FINIS Inc.

    The home of the 2012 Olympic Swimming Trials, many records have been set...looking forward to many more being set...it's amazing how they build the pool!
  • Zena Weist

    Nicknamed the "Clink"
  • Valerie Mendenhall

    Use the stairs to get up to the third floor's conference room - it's good exercise!
  • David R

    4-H Rocks!
  • Miranda Rowenhorst

    Awesome venue... Super thankful for fast wifi. :)
  • Vicki Wicks

    This is a great concert venue!