Nebraska Adventure Group

Group Description


The Nebraska Adventure Group is geared towards men & women who want to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle in the outdoors while forging friendships that bring their communities closer.

This group participates in numerous outdoor/adventure activities,including:

Backpacking – Day Hiking
– Camping – Mountain Biking – Road Biking – Kayaking – Canoeing –
Rock Climbing - Downhill Skiing – Cross Country Skiing – Snowshoeing – Running – Marathons – 5K’s – 10K’s – Adventure Races – Horseback Riding – Skydiving – Archery/Shooting – Ice Skating – Special Events, Workshops & Classes, and more…

No matter their age, our group members share an adventurous spirit and a willingness to try new things.  Experience is not necessary to become a member, just openness.

We are not professionals, but we do have plenty of experienced organizers and members who are happy to share their know-how . We especially encourage group members to bring forward ideas, and we provide tons of assistance for those folks who would like to plan an event of their own!

We try to keep our events free or at minimal cost to our members.

Our $12.00 annual membership fee covers the cost of the Meetup Website, down payments for group events, and food, supplies for social events.  Membership includes access to our event calendar and online discussion groups focused on discussing gear, techniques, destinations and current events, buying & selling used gear, and the opportunity to connect with other members.

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*Before joining check your profile picture.  NAG requires that members use their head shot, so members can find each other at meetups. 

We look forward to meeting you!

POLICIES: By clicking Join Us you agree to the following terms: Events led by organizers through the Nebraska Adventure Group are planned carefully with the best possible effort made to consider the safety and satisfaction of participating individuals. The Nebraska Adventure Group is not liable for injury, loss, or damage to property.  Every event that is led by organizers through the Nebraska Adventure Group is an "at your own risk" event.  On occasion, community events will be posted, and the Nebraska Adventure Group takes no responsibility for your safety or satisfaction when attending those events.  Event Organizers volunteer their time and effort to create fun, safe, and adventurous activities. We ask that you consider your RSVP as 'making plans with a friend' , and make every possible effort to attend.  You are also subject to removal from the group for consistent no-shows and behavior that the organizers or members feel is rude, offensive, and/or contrary to our goal of forging friendships and enjoying the outdoors, either in your actions in person at events or in your postings on the group website. Membership dues are non refundable after 30 days. After 30 days if you are not satisfied with the group, you may request a dues refund. You must request the refund before you click on the button to leave the group, or all records will be lost.



Tim Goodall September 2013 to current

Tim Goodall and Rhonda Nelson  April 2012 to current.

Deb Hoffnung.  October 2011- March 2011

Brandon Miller. Founded group July 2009 and organized through September 2011.