Super Villain Social - Omaha: Gatherings for Nerds & Geeks

Group Description

Brought to you by Nerdtron - Super Villian Socials are gatherings of nerds and geeks - of all stripes, species and varieties - currently just in the Omaha area... but we hope to expand to other cities in the future!

We started as just a small group of nerds and geeks who hung out every Friday night, at Legend Coffee & Comics off of 52nd and Leavenworth - and that's still going strong! - with 40-50 nerds & geeks most weeks :).

We've already helped dozens of nerds and geeks find new and awesome like-mineded friends, and since people don't see everything we post on the Facebook page, we decided it was time to start this Meetup group, and a separate group on Facebook - just focused on sharing events where nerds and geeks can meet each other IRL (in real life / offline).

Here is the Facebook group:

The main idea behind it is: nerds and geeks... we're not exactly a segment of the population that is super social and/or extroverted. We tend to have one to a few little clusters of our geek/nerd friends, many of us aren't into bars or clubs, and FAR too often the weekend comes around and we have nothing to go out and do.

Human contact with like minded people is important, but difficult for many nerds and geeks - especially the more introverted ones. So we created a group specifically for US - of, by and for nerds and geeks of all stripes.

At Super Villain Social, you'll know that you'll have at least one day, every single week, that you can find a group of people like you - just hanging out. We cater to introverts - come as you are and meet some people just like you :)


The main thing we do is still the weekly social / hangout event (again - every Friday night, at Legend Coffee & Comics off of 52nd and Leavenworth - from 7pm to midnight). There is no structure or programming at these events - just nerds and geeks hanging out. Most people socialize, play games that are there or that they bring, play cards (Cards Against Humanity pretty much every week for instance) or even just hop on their laptops and do their own thing. Most weeks the night owls move over to Village Inn or Perkins after midnight, and keep it going until 3-4am.

But we're starting to do other events - movie nights, anti-Super Bowl parties, setting up caravans to nerd conventions, hackathons, LAN / gaming parties, holiday parties, etc - anything nerd and geek related in our area - we'll consider it (this includes events other people organize - shoot us a message and we'll consider sharing it to the more than 40k people on our social feeds).

From Solo-Man, Grimlock & the rest of the Nerdtron crew - we hope to see you at one of our events soon!


For more info, and to connect with us and other local area nerds, here are links to Nerdtron's Facebook page (where we share nerd / geek related links), group and the Omaha Nerd Society's group - who we work with on some events and are also super great people:

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