Oak View Mall

Address: 3001 S 144th St
Phone: (402) 330-3332
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Category: Mall
Check Ins: 18089


  • Kyle Wall

    Go to the Buckle. They have everything from BKE to Miss Me. Also Rock Revival and Big Star. They will help you find the perfect fit
  • Chance Frank

    Go in the middle of the day. Never on the weekends!
  • Krista Taylor

    Earthbound Trading is AWESOME!!!
  • Edem Kegey

    Free territaki chicken samples in food court. :-)
  • Amanda Jennings

    Now there is an Earthbound Tradung Co store. Check it out, it is AWESOME!
  • Chuck Pohlman

    go to hottopic were awesome people
  • Chris Lynch

    Nice mall for sure nice 2 level mall, plenty of parking outside
  • Katbron

    Favorite places: Dillards, Auntie Annes, Fossil Store
  • Alec Brewer

    What the hell is this outlet for?
  • Jessica

    Retail therapy
  • Sandy Getmeoutofhere

    Run, run as fast as u can!:-)
  • Blake Noll

    American eagle is amazing!
  • Hannah Butler

    Deb is my favorite store. So many dresses
  • Krista Baker

    Saved a bunch $ with this free Coupon App iphone: http://bit.ly/1vp2WTF, android: http://bit.ly/1mexCY8 Hope you can use it!
  • Jessica Coash

    Its a mall nuff said
  • Nathan Bush

    No Starbucks anymore..making Jordan Creek in Des Moines more superior and appealing..WTF, General Growth Properties?
  • Eric Treu

    IT's like I've been napalmed!
  • Rita Lucero

    Dillards for great sales & Miss Me jeans. Aeropostle & Deb's for great priced clothes.
  • tara charter

    Probiotic technology
  • Becca JP

    Why do none of the bathroom stall doors shut ??
  • Mg Arnold

    Starbucks is GONE!!!!
  • Jayne Beauchaine

    Sam's Gyros is awesome!
  • Lori Collins

    Where did Starbucks go?
  • Dave Ziki

    This mall sucks,reminds me of ol crossroads! Go to WestRoads,duh!!
  • Marcie Prather

    check out the stands in the middle of the mall with great xmas gifts!
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