Walmart Supercenter

Address: 1606 S 72nd St
Phone: (402) 393-9560
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Category: Discount Store
Check Ins: 11082


  • Michael P

    Avoid like the plague...
  • Mike Houston

    Always an interesting crowd in here at night.
  • Shelby Bromley

    Really needs a few self checkouts...
  • Kory Koster

    This place is a joke. Employees are rude and no one helps you
  • Amy B.

    Cashier lanes by the pharmacy side are a lot faster and less crowded most of the time.
  • Andy samland

    It's WALMART. Do you really need a tip?
  • Linsey Church

    With these creatures... a great place to practice against zombies... they are close enough... right?
  • Luke Shepherd

    If you crave a combination of terrible reality TV and people watching then this is the place for you! Come visit this Omaha gem any day after 10pm.
  • Dan Sandoval

    Great place for people watching
  • Alisha Gomez

  • Remi Turok

    They have the best clearance isle, close to the pharmacy side.
  • Samantha Kehm

    Go in the middle of the night. The only time you can actually get through the check out in a decent time! Cashiers are so so slow and not friendly at all!!
  • Scott D Lewis

    RVers: nice place to park overnight. Drive all the way to the back so the wall gives you shade in the afternoon sun.
  • Jayson Henrickson

    Worst walmart in Omaha, expect at least a 15 minute wait while checking out! Avoid this store at all costs!
  • Samantha Raper

    Parking lot cart returns full enough to cause traffic problems and no employees picking them up. Also, employees at Subway inside are unable to complete a very simple order. Avoid!!!
  • Jenny Houfek

    If you're exchanging something, bring a friend. One to stand in line at customer service and one to go get the right item. This returning process is a waste of my time.
  • Jessica Bouc Albers

    Very rude employees
  • Zachary Quist

    Don't come here unless you absolutely have to. The crappy thing is its a very convienient location. Employees are terrible and unhelpful. Customers out number open cashier lanes at least 200 to 1.
  • Dan Nieman

    Friendly service.
  • Mike DeFilippis

    A whole shelf of RumChata to itself.
  • Joseph Duda

    Don't bother trying to get kitchen shoes if you have big feet, they just don't stock them.
  • Kye Vas

    Seriously every time we are here there is a really long line and only two lanes open. If you're in a hurry don't stop here.
  • Kye Vas

    Does anyone work here? Service is awful!!!
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