Walmart Supercenter

Address: 12850 L St
Phone: (402) 697-1054
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Category: Discount Store
Check Ins: 11514


  • Bri Hyn

    Here's a valuable tip. this is WalMart. You've been warned.
  • Donny Trifillis

    Customer servive sucks!
  • Amber S.

    Try not to get an oil change at this location...they are slow and rude.
  • Alex Williams

    Morons work here.
  • Kellie Ayers

    Don't deal with Rachel in Pharmacy rude & has no customer service skills...she needs a job downtown hooking
  • Amy Hogrefe Besch

    Don't park on the non grocery side after 9:30
  • LJ

    Ghetto-ist Walmart ever.
  • Mg Arnold

    Gawd awful store. Rude customers. More rude employees. Stuff is all torn up like its been through a battle. Target is just across the street. Go there.
  • Diane

    Filthiest rest room since the black hole of Calcutta haven't been cleaned yet this year????
  • Abbie L

    Disgusting store. Almost as bad as the one in Irvington!
  • lindsey olsen

    customer service was fast and really friendly, even in the crazy Christmas rush!
  • Andrew Maas

    Stay away after 9:00pm at night... That's when the crazies flock to Wal-Mart.
  • Scott Malone

    deal with it cuz most of time you bring it on yourselves
  • Jaime Lynn

    Why did I give this place another chance? I thought I would order Christmas cards here. I received a text 1/2 hr ago and I am still waiting......... This is the last straw!!
  • Mg Arnold

    This store's only saving grace is that it's open later than Target. Otherwise I would NEVER go here.
  • Sean Alberty

    Always use self chechout
  • Misty Navoichick

    horrible customer service, I don't recommend this store at all!
  • Christine Olvera

    Great produce!
  • Derek Eskens

    Buy Walmart stock. There are never employees around when you need them, so their labor costs have got to be low, meaning huge profit margins!
  • Rutt Row

    Worst pharmacy on earth
  • Sara Finley-Wilgus

    You would think they would be smart enough to open a few more registers when there's a huge line. At all 4 available registers. >.<
  • Anastacia Perez

    Wow rude and they asked my fiance and I both for ID for alcohol and when I didn't have it she grabbed our alcohol and said I can't sell to you really I'm about to be 26 and I wasn't even the one payin
  • Patty Cardenas

    Seriously?? One clerk in the return check out
  • Meghen ?? Tindall

    It's walmart can't expect anything
  • Misty Blount

    It is nice to come early and beat the crowd.
  • Keely Beltran

    The church is selling candy bars here they are the best
  • Josh Jones

    For oil changes or any car mechanic problems, go to millard auto. Its behind skatedaze on 132nd by this Walmart. His name is Dan and he is the best. He knows his cars and is a great Guy
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