Life Time Fitness

Address: 17007 Elm St
Phone: (402) 334-3000
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Category: Gym / Fitness Center
Check Ins: 13866


  • Jessica Mizaur

    If you don't mind coming a little later at night (after 10ish), you'll pretty much have the whole gym to yourself.
  • Ben Elliott

    Don't forget your Affliction and/or Tapout shirt...Bro central!!
  • Nathan L. have to work the legs too!
  • Declan Martin

    Lifecafe has great smoothies, but donrt drinlk out of the drinking fountain
  • Declan Martin

    Always hard to find a lane, get there early, especially outside
  • Ricky Tanner

    Bro central? Hardly. People here are well mannered. This isnt 24 Hour.
  • Mitch Parks

    Managers at the front desk as stuck up dicks. Policies are lame AF.
  • Nicole Ray

    Take group fitness classes with Beth!! She rocks!!
  • Curtis Marking

    Like Metal or Hardcore? Listen to "The Matador" while you workout. "Bad Day For a Snake" or "Once Upon a Sinking Ship." You can find both on iTunes or Spotify.
  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    I promise the leg equipment does not bite - working out chest and biceps everyday does you little good!
  • Katie Volenec

    Take a pilates class on the reformer with Rachel, you'll work muscles you never knew you had!!!!
  • Karissa Tomsen

    Great water aerobics class
  • Michael Farrand

    Great gym. Not perfect, but what is?
  • Janice Vogelpohl

    Amazing programs for the kiddos give me time to focus on one last thing... ME!
  • Armani

    Good workout today. Cant wait for tomorrow.
  • Robert L

    Great smoothies
  • Robert L

    Home Sweet Home
  • Jason Lampe

    For a good challenge, try the Rockwall
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