Address: 12300 W Dodge Rd
Phone: (402) 952-3240
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Category: Warehouse Store
Check Ins: 12712


  • Julian Ivey

    They've got Dyson Airblade hand dryers in the bathrooms. Try them.
  • Declan Martin

    Dear people, he rules of the road apply to the carts to, so if you just stop in the middle of the aisle and I hit you, you have nothing to complain about
  • Brian Kays

    Gas is always cheaper
  • Robert Murphy

    Saturday is a busy day here. So if you need to make a quick trip, Saturday is not the day to come here.
  • Tyler Smith

    Bring A truck.
  • Jason Schmidt

    Stop by the snack bar before you start shopping and order a pizza. You will have a huge, fresh pie ready for you when you get done shopping. Dinner's done.
  • Erin Carter

    You could have lunch for free with all the free samples they have all over the store every day!
  • Jen C.

    You can buy food court items at check out, and bring your receipt to the food court so you can pay with your debit or credit card. That way you don't need cash or checks.
  • Robert Murphy

    Watch out for people jostling for position to get free food samples.
  • Marty Nelson

    Don't come at noon on Sunday :)
  • lee johnson

    Try the rotisserie chicken it's great and reasonable. Not available until about 11:30.
  • Georgia LaGrange

    Awesome Red velvet cake!
  • Ryan Sorensen

    Pick up some Lucky Bucket.
  • Patsy McQuade

    Good hotdogs!
  • Luke Shepherd

    Crowds are more civil during the early hours.
  • Jen C.

    Download their Costco app for coupons.
  • Lindy Bixler

    Great buy on sonic toothbrushes
  • Tracy C.

    Gas, fruits, and samples for lunch!
  • Joel Liu

    Try the hand dipped ice cream bars!
  • Ben Henning

    come sample the bourbon chicken.
  • Kari Watts

    Optical department takes the VSP plan
  • Jenny

    Best bakery and cakes
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