Super Target

Address: 4001 N 132nd St
Phone: (402) 431-0060
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Category: Discount Store
Check Ins: 11034


  • Mary??

    Cell phone dead zone
  • Mike Howard

    Great service!!
  • Brandon Summers

    They need free stuff. I don't even care what it is.
  • Patricia Urbanovsky

    Great place to shop for kid and baby clothes!!!
  • Bryan Gottula

    The ORIGINAL Super Target. Great spot to grab your office breakfast on the run w/ Einstein Bros bagels and Starbucks for the pretenious folk.
  • Brian Norton

    Great Target location!
  • Ramzi Yassine

    Don't shop for produvce here, or be extreemly careful
  • Mattie

    Don't shop here on a Sunday night... Apparently they don't restock anything over the weekend so the shelves are bare.
  • Derek Eskens

    They have free Wifi.
  • Shanon Knight

    Like the store, despise the checkout situation. Rarely have express line open unless super busy. VERY slow always to call extra cashiers. I often go elsewhere if only need a few things.
  • Amanda Frampton

    Great, friendly service!
  • Shayla Kelly

    The Cartwheel App is my Target sidekick! Download and save!
  • Mike F.

    Don't understand 30 checkouts and only 3 at most are open during non holiday times.
  • Shanon Knight

    The checkout time at this Target sucks. Always a wait, no express lane open, very slow to get more people up front.
  • Kevin Engelkamp

    Deli leaves something to bedesired, but great shelf stable selection!
  • Joe Ruppert

    Cell phone BLACK HOLE.
  • Evan[Bu]

    This SuperTarget was the first ever SuperTarget, established in 1995.
  • Desiree Johnson

    don't get distracted by the samples.
  • Kim Westphal

    Cheap :4.00 T Shirts for my son...
  • Jake Owens

    Solid Target; avoid the express lanes, they usually have slower checkers who although nice, make it take longer than just using a normal lane
  • David Otten

    Great place and free wifi!!
  • Martin E

    I'm some how addicted to their buffalo chicken wrap.
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