Whole Foods Market

Address: 10020 Regency Cir
Phone: (402) 393-1200
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Category: Supermarket
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  • brianne mohr

    Try the pizza!
  • John Murray

    The free cheese samples are awesome !
  • Jamie Nickle

    The best produce in Omaha!
  • Adam Kochanowicz

    Lots of vegan options
  • Ellen DeGeneres

    While you're here, you may as well pick me up a birthday gift. And if you do that, you'll have to come to my birthday show! Go to http://ellentv.com/birthdaytix/ & enter code ELLEN54 to win tickets!
  • Felipe Rodriguez

    The avocado mango salsa is AWESOME!!!
  • Fanny Ribeiro Schio

    Love the fruit!! Yummy
  • Mandy Beer

    Always a must stop place for us while visiting Omaha! The food, health & beauty products and even the flowers are FANTASTIC!
  • Heather Tomasello

    Yes! The best organic fresh squeezed orange juice ever
  • Auguste Hudnall

    This place is awesome. And it smells pleasant in here.
  • Dawn Bierman

    Whole bean expresso Sierra is to die for!!! Expresso grind with a french press!
  • Christen

    Get the curried chicken salad it is amazing !!!!
  • Carmin

    The wine at the coffee bar is cheap and good!
  • Caroline Hinrichs

    Try the strawberry & basil sorbet. Heaven!
  • Josh Brooks

    Oh my god! You have got to try the stupid, pretentious, hipster, hippie food. I was eating it before it was cool.
  • Michelle Losee

    the best salad bar in town!! the pizza is awesome too:)
  • Emily T.

    The large tub of Earth Balance margarine is a great deal compared with the small tubs.
  • Andrea Romero

    Best place in the world
  • Emily T.

    They do a Spinach Artichoke pizza & use spin-art dip as the sauce, topped with fresh spinach leaves and huge artichoke chunks. Cornmeal crust. Blazing hot fired pizza oven. It haunts my dreams.
  • Jen Y.

    Really REALLY wish they would keep meat dishes AWAY from vegan at the hot bar.
  • Daryl Jensen

    Eggplant manicotti is delicious!!!!
  • Pits

    I come here for the vegan dumplings and the vegetable barley soup. Falafel with honey mustard dressing doesn't suck either.
  • Lora Ullerich

    They've got great food-to-go...try any of their side salads & the chix salad wrap. If you want gum, move on...their gum SUCKS & it's like $2 for 5 sticks.
  • Majel A

    Get the green bean chips! Yummo!
  • Cori

    The cutest boy in the world works here
  • Renee Krenk

    over in the wall coolers near the produce, pick up a container of the fresh pomegranate guacamole. you will not be disappointed. UH-MAZING.
  • Emily T.

    Tofurkey Kielbasa are fantastic.
  • Carl Heng

    Whole Foods prohibits legal concealed carry. Shame on them.
  • Christine

    Great deals on wild sockeye salmon during summer every few weeks. Love their breads too.
  • Phoebe

    Really nice produce. Knowledgeable staff. Try the pizza-best of any WF I've been to. Always a good deal in yogurt in aisle cases.
  • Sara Beaudoin

    The edamame caviar is AMAZING! It is a must have!
  • Shelagh Hardrich

    Free wine tastings!
  • Moe Dexler

    You must try the BBQ bar near the back of the store. The items there are the real thing. Smoky and delicious.
  • Danny N

    Great gluten free section...
  • Kishore S

    Love everything here, nd don't miss Grande Cappuccino in d allegro coffee bar
  • Cris Hay-Merchant

    Great people watching and the produce ain't bad either :)
  • Cathy Mutz

    Copper. River. Sockeye. Salmon ?
  • J Hope Falkenberg

    Energetically it feels great shopping in a space amongst other humans on their own #EarthConscious journeys.
  • Annastasia Webster

    I love the Greek salad soon much!
  • Randa Zalman

    The cheese selection will change your life.
  • Rinat Chase

    Great organic veggies
  • Truly Spracklin

    Cupcake Riesling is on special 2 for 20.00! Figs are still available...
  • Jayne Beauchaine

    Try the pizza
  • Lee Nakamoto

    Try the smoked salmon on crackers with creme cheese and lemon.
  • Mg Arnold

    Love the fruit tarts. Yummy!!
  • Brittany Barrett

    Jake working register 7... Umm marry me? You're gorgeous!
  • Leila-Fred

    Their steaks are amazing! They cure it for 3 weeks before they put them out for you to buy.
  • Lora Ullerich

    They've got a great chicken salad wrap that's pre-made & very affordable. It's located in the pre-made section.
  • Angela Brant

    Greek yogurt 5 for $5 hmmm
  • Jill C

    The collard greens here a best. They are always fresh
  • American Express

    Use your connected Amex Card: Spend $75+ on a single qualifying purchase in-store at Whole Foods Market by 9/30/14 and get a 1x $ 10 statement credit.
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