Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Address: 3701 S 10th St
Phone: (402) 733-8400
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  • Scott Hale

    Visit the Zoo and say hi to the elephants.
  • Hillary Addison

    Definetely the best zoo I've ever been to. Alot to see though, so make it a day trip to see all it has to offer.
  • Natalie Skadra

    Ride the skyfari for $2..worth it.
  • Richard Lesley

    Go when all the kids are in school. So peaceful and empty.
  • Miranda Rowenhorst

    The aquarium is awesome. Loved all the fish... And especially the jellyfish. Don't miss out!
  • Candace

    Go in the winter time! No one is there!
  • William Painter

    Great Zoo. Best one I've been to.
  • Chris Heuertz

    Largest cat complex in North America; world's largest nocturnal exhibit & indoor swamp; one of the largest indoor rainforest, & the world's largest indoor desert, & glazed geodesic dome in the world
  • Maria Rani

    Imax is a neat experience.
  • Chris Carmichael

    Check out the new tiger cub, Anya, in the cat complex. It's her first full day outside, and she spent her time playing under the watchful eye of mama!
  • Joe Craig

    Have lunch & beer at Durham's Treetops Restaurant
  • Laura Gaulke

    Incredible zoo! Took all day to get through it. Amazing. Every little kid and big kid should go there at least once!
  • mike baumann

    If you get the household membership you get free IMAX!!!
  • Brandon Tilus

    If u can, come in on 10th street. You'll beat tons of traffic.
  • Steve Talbott

    Has to be a top 5 Zoo. Place is fantastic.
  • Miles Rausch

    I agree with everyone, the aquarium *is* amazing. However, it's also very popular. Parents with strollers and young kids take note - it's cramped and slow-moving on busy days, and there are few exits.
  • Adrienne Kensinger

    Still my favorite zoo! I love this place :)
  • Nichole Uhlik

    Watch for the loose bats in the Lied Jungle.
  • Keyleigh Watson

    Great zoo! Unfortunately is always filled with inconsiderate rude people and parents who purposely run into you with their strollers let their kids run around unsupervised.
  • Rob

    When the main entrance is crowded, the north entrance is usually open and empty. Parking is usually available north too.
  • Laura Snyder

    The Dairy Barn by the petting zoo is the COOLEST place on a HOT day! Stand under the vents near the windows!
  • Jeremy Reding

    Beats San Diego hands down, but watch out for all the strollers.
  • Christine Hawks

    If you usually visit in the morning, try coming by in the afternoon (or visa versa). You get to see a lot of different animal behaviors at different times of day!
  • Bri Hicks

    I've been coming here since I was a small child and I still love it every time! Definitely my favorite zoo by far!
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    July 15-20 the Harlem Globetrotters will be in town hosting some fun summer skills clinics. Don't miss out! For more information
  • Andrew Kerr

    There's an iPhone app for the Omaha Zoo!
  • Steven Miljavac

    Gorillas aren't monkeys. Show some respect.
  • Jennifer Baldwin

    Find the zoo brochure before your arrival (usually in hotel lobbies) and use the $1 off admission coupon for each member of your party (up to 6 people).
  • Jennie Noeline

    The new Aquarium is AWESOME!
  • Jane Kelly

    Go to the saint Louis zoo.. its free and you get all the same stuff
  • Parents Magazine

    This zoo has some of the world’s largest indoor exhibits, for year-round fun. “My boys sit in front of the gorillas, and they all make faces at each other.” – Sarah Darling, American Baby reader
  • Sean Newell

    Whatever you do, don't go on the weekend! Too many "people".
  • gabriel mejia

    The feeding of The sharks was not that exiting so do not get muddle to see ig with The pack crowd
  • CJHacker

    On hot days, cool yourself off at the IMax theater. Usually pretty good shows, especially the 3d shows.
  • Jake Known

    This plaze is wonderful. Have gotten a year membership before and really enjoyed it with the family.
  • Dan Row

    My dad and I have come here every summer since I was in the 2nd grade. In 21 now and we still make a point to come every year. On of my favorite places on earth.
  • ErichandJill Halterman

    Bear feeding at 11!
  • Kim Bousquet Reiner

    My favorite time to visit is January. The zoo is near empty and the animals are more active. The indoor exhibits are all near the main entrance.
  • Lisa Sheldon

    I absolutely love the Henry Doorly Zoo. The aquarium is amazing!
  • Lauryn Woods

    Excellent place to exercise. Strap on a couple of wrist and ankle weights and do a full tour. You won't even notice the burn!
  • Jason Diaz

    Bring the whole family you'll never forget it!!! #OmahaHenryDoorlyZoo
  • Robb Brouillette

    Arrive early and take it all in.
  • Lori Collins

    Check put all the new babies. Take the skyfari to the baby sealion. You can see the baby giraffe along the way!
  • Matt Hartman

    The zoo is in Omaha, not council tucky
  • Reece C.

    Ride the trolley if you plan on spending the whole day
  • Keyleigh Watson

    Avoid the long ticket lines. Go buy them in the guest services building.
  • Ryan

    Keep Bay away from the Monkey House . . . they may try to keep him! Ha ha! Have fun!
  • Thomas Steffen

    Members only Member appreciation day. Behind the scenes tour
  • Lisa Witmer

    Buy your tickets on line and bypass the lines. Don't miss the sky ride.
  • Stacie Cary

    Good food and company
  • Randy Teer

    @ Jane Kelly, why would I go to the St. Louis zoo if I live in Omaha, moron
  • Tanya Ochsner

    Aquarium is great, will be great when they get the African exhibit finished and get Elephants back??????
  • Taylor Calkins

    Obsessed with the gorillas.
  • Ron Williams

    This zoo has grown over the years as Omaha's wealth has exploded with three billionaires living in the city. Easily one of the world's best zoos.
  • Ellyn M

    It's a must see. Go and have fun
  • Courtney Blevins

    Great Place To Visit. .....
  • Ellie

    Wow!!!! What an AWESOME zoo! This is a must go!
  • Allison Brown-Corson

    Love the zoo. So many great things GS to see and do. I could sit and watch the sharks all day.
  • Sara Kimball

    I loved this zoo but I wish the big cat exhibits were a little nicer.
  • Kellie Ayers

    Plan your dayaround weather
  • Guy Johnson

    This is a great place the best zoo I have ever seen by far if you are in Omaha this is a must see but take at least an entire day there is so much to see
  • BunFu Chop

    You might have take two visits to see everything. This zoo is massive.
  • Christopher Bond

    Take the sky tram (to your right when you walk in) to the back and work your way forward--less crowds and great views of animals on the tram!
  • Kris Page

    We enjoyed so much there yesterday!
  • Kris Page

    Amazing trip to the zoo!
  • Uriah B

    Gotta go here.
  • Kayla

    For the love of God, don't go on Saturdays if you value time and gas money. Parking is an absolute nightmare.
  • Grace Johnson

    Best Zoo ever!
  • Darla Cook

    A terrific zoo! So much to see and do, it's hard to get it all in in one day. I still would highly recommend going there.
  • Amethyst Mahoney

    Love the zoo! Went there with my friends Barbara Moore and Lisa Novak.
  • Luke Shepherd

    Make sure to go early! You will get to see more active animals than later in the afternoon.
  • Audrey Kay

    Love the sky fari!
  • Pam Cooke

    Awesome zoo well worth the visit
  • Phil Burch

    great zoo lot of walking spead out to much
  • Sean Foster

    Don't come in the summertime
  • Shannon Stickman

    Amazing zoo. Great exercise.
  • Nathaniel Allen

    good stuff
  • Tina Voss

    Awesome zoo! Tons of things to see/do and the automated dinosaur park was a blast!
  • Tara Wolberg

    Remember Sunglasses Bring Food
  • Kathleen Grone

    Enjoying the starfish
  • Emerald Wolfess

    Used to go to high school here always have a blast coming
  • Philip Strnad

    Wonderful Zoo, look for parking up close, you can always find a place
  • Erik Rowley

    This is the best zoo in the country. It has the largest indoor desert, swamp, and rainforest in the world. Other highlights include an amazing aquarium, gorilla valley, and view on the chairlifts!
  • Joshua Thompson

    Not everything is available to be seen until Memorial Day. I was hoping to catch an educational talk. At least I saw them feed the sea lions and the penguins.
  • Kraig Thelen

    Go counter clockwise
  • Kelly Duggan

    Best zoo I've ever been too, the big car exhibits and the gorillas are amazing and the aquarium has a walk through shark tank!
  • Ilayda Kartum

    Best zoo I've ever been to for sure ;)
  • Allyce Mohs

    November 1-February 28: 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. daily. Buildings stay open until 5 p.m. March 1-October 31: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily. Buildings stay open until 6 p.m. Open year-round except for Christmas Day.
  • Jenna Gabrial Gallagher

    Has there been a tapir caper? Nowhere to be found!
  • Dawn Ferring

    A place where adults can be a kid again! It is a very large zoo, and it has a I Max theater. My son goes with his four year old nephew when he has a day off!
  • Alec Johnson

    Awesome go feed the fish!!!
  • Jordan Pisarcik

    Definitely expected it to be "just another zoo", but I was wrong. It was easily the best zoo I've ever been to. It's huge and modern, and they have some very rare animals.
  • Derek Eskens

    Find the mulberry trees by the North entrance and the petting zoo. Pick the darkest ones. Delicious.
  • Sierra Lewis

    Stop in and meet some animals, I personally fav the elephants!
  • Hannah Butler

    I love this place I wish they wud have the elephants again!!!
  • Trevor Nashleanas

    One of the worlds best zoos!
  • Meghan Stumpf

    A great zoo :) so awesome!
  • Jared R

    Watch out when you put your back to the window in the gorilla section--there's a silverback that likes to pound on the windows when you do...
  • Matt Haan

    Bear Feeding at 11 AM daily
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