AMC Oakview Plaza 24

Address: 3555 S 140th Plz
Phone: (402) 691-0000
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Category: Multiplex
Check Ins: 12942


  • Jarrod M.

    Sneak in your own snacks; prices are way too high.
  • Josh Martin

    $4.50 for a daytime Mon-Thurs movie. Great deal
  • Michelle Grell

    $4.25 for a bottle of water is crazy!!
  • Becca Niss

    Very nice theater
  • Al San Miguel

    The best seats (in my opinion) are the front row of the stadium seating so you can put your feet up and relax
  • Josh Kendrick

    AMC prices are way too high
  • Luke Shepherd

    $6.75 for an evening movie Mon-Thurs! Great deal!
  • Tyler Magee

    Midnight movies here r bomb!!!
  • Loren Stump

    Good theater. Poop your pants expensive.
  • Tim Stapleton

    They need new seats like the ones in CB. These suck...uncomfortable, dirty, holes in the fabric, etc.
  • Nicole Bailey

    First time being here and people were very unprofessional, too busy talking to other people. And our movie didn't work but they did give us a free ticket.
  • Matt H

    If u go here often get the stubs card. Love the big theaters
  • Kendra Sue

    My favorite theater in omaha but their concessions are way too expensive. And their Coke can sometimes taste like soap. Be careful.
  • Dave Parrish

    Food and drinks are soooo expensive. It's ridiculous.
  • Kelly Wolfsbauer

    $4.50 before noon on Sat and Sun
  • Umang Talati

    Go before noon on weekends and it's under five bucks
  • Jason

    In desperate need of a remodel.
  • Lucas McAlpin

    Stubs card is well worth it. $10 per year. Free concession upgrades and rewards for every dollar spent.
  • Michelle Little

    Get a stubs card, it's worth it.
  • Brad Riley

    Um. They forgot to turn on the projector.
  • Jen C.

    Get a stubs card! Free upgrades from medium to large, and you rack up points for movie credit rewards.
  • Trevor Switzer

    Turn down the heat!
  • Joe Doyle

    Buy concessions. Only purchasing a ticket doesn't help the theater. They make money from concessions not ticket sales.
  • Bill Hall

    Don't forget the earplugs.
  • Jim Breci

    Worst in customer service I have ever seen.
  • Dawn Schmidt

    Always get the cinnabon pretzels they are so awesome!
  • Linsey Church

    People talk on phones during the movies and bring in infants.
  • Jennifer Demuth

    great stadium seating for your little guys. No boosters needed.
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